“Is the grading process needed?” Community College Students Question the Role of Grades

About 25 miles east of Los Angeles is Mt. San Antonio College, one of the largest community colleges in the state of California. Mt. SAC, as it is affectionately known as, has a diverse student population (~55% Latino, ~19% Asian, & ~11% White/ Non-Hispanic). The majority of students receive some financial aid (~75%) and most […]

My Learning Philosophy

By Nicole Cruz, RDH, BSDH It’s vital that I structure my classroom as a learning environment, and not just a teaching environment. The difference is simple: in a learning environment, the focus is on the students and their learning. In a teaching environment, the focus is on the knowledge of the teacher. The whole point […]

How Can Medical Students Learn to Ask Better Questions?

Lessons from a Harvard Medical School Conference on Medical Education Dan Rothstein | Co-Director, The Right Question Institute. I recently crossed the river from Cambridge to Boston to spend some time at Harvard Medical School listening to a slew of fascinating discussions about how to improve medical education. Harvard Medical School (HMS) deserves a lot of […]

InQuiring Minds: Reaching Deeper Learning Through Questions

This issue of inQuiring Minds focuses on problem-based learning and deeper learning as a result of asking questions.  The articles below underscore how individual- and group-led questioning relates to these two themes and ultimately, leads to a myriad of positive outcomes including increased engagement and greater understanding. In this article, The Critical Thinking Community highlights […]

Questions for Design: Asking Questions as Toolset

I am using the QFT to lead up to the design challenges of which my students would do at the end of the course which involve logo design, advertising, package design, typography and publication design. Before they do the actual challenges, students will use the QFT to ask questions about designing with restraint. The purpose […]

Teaching the QFT to Novice Teachers

As a teacher educator at Elon University, Jeff Carpenter works with students preparing to teach in seven different content areas and at multiple grade levels. The Question Formulation Technique (QFT) has been helpful in his work because it is a simple, flexible strategy that can be used at different grade levels and in any content […]