Remixing the Question Formulation Technique: Four Explorations and Revelations

by Jennifer Brickey As a teacher-librarian, part of my responsibility is to support classroom instruction and pedagogy. In my initial musings of how to apply the Question Formulation Technique (QFT) in a library setting, I saw it as a means to involve myself in the question development portion of the research process. After taking RQI’s […]

Coaching Through Questions: An Instructional Coach’s Experience with the QFT

A Shift That Just Makes Sense When students ask their own questions, it sparks curiosity, independence, and self-confidence, cultivating students’ ownership over their own learning. This is a shift that just makes sense. So how does an instructional coach, like myself, create this shift and promote curious conversations in the classroom? At our school, asking […]

Exploring Four Words for “Question” in Japanese

I’ve been pondering the word “question” for the last couple months. How do you translate “Question Formulation Technique” into Japanese – a language with four words for “question?” by Tomoko Ouchi Not all questions are the same I was born, raised and educated in Japan, and as The Right Question Institute’s international program specialist, I […]

The Question Formulation Technique in Japan

One year after an eye-opening trip to Japan, the Right Question Institute’s Dan Rothstein reflects on that country’s growing interest in the Question Formulation Technique and how educators in Japan face similar challenges – and share similar commitment – to those in the United States. Educators in Japan, as elsewhere, are seeking ways to provide a […]

Circles + Squares by Rick Barlow

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The Activity Summary Board by Israel Touitou, Stephen Barry, Tom Bielik, Barbara Schneider, and Joeseph Krajcik

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Make Just One Change: Teach Students to Ask Their Own Questions by Dana Huff

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How can NGSS practices transform science teaching & learning? by Amy C. Foley

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Flickr & QFT by Kelly Roberts

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Learner-Centered Tip of the Week: Three Ways to Bring More Learner Voice into Learning Opportunities by Courtney Belolan

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